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Hurstwic training is now on hiatus. We have moved out of dedicated Viking combat training space in Millbury, MA and are planning what form our combat training and research will take when we restart. Until that time, we are not holding regular training sessions, but instead, we expect to hold informal, impromptu sessions from time to time.
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Additionally, our approach to training has changed in fundamental ways since this web page was created. The text once on this page is no longer valid. Until such time as we can create new material for the site, we direct interested people to Hurstwic's new book, Men of Terror A Comprehensive Analysis of Viking Combat, available from your favorite book seller.

Until new text is created for this webpage, we leave the images that once illustrated the text to give a small flavor of the training work we have done in the past.

sparring with two weapons
Sparring with two weapons


sparring sword vs two-handed axe
Sparring sword vs two-handed axe

cutting using a pad drill
Developing cutting skills using focus pads


power cutting drill
Power cutting drills

a throw
Practicing a throw described in the literary sources


fighting from the ground
Fighting from a ground position.

punching with the pommel
A pommel bash, used in the Viking age to humiliate


A devestating thrust past the shield during sparring

Winter melee sparring


Winter melee sparring on opposite sides of a creek

grappling drill
Running in to grapple drill


spear sparring
A missed block and a thrust to the face during sparring
Hurstwic uses training axes from Wechter Arms.

cutting drills to focus pads
Two-weapon cutting drills with focus pads


cutting drills to focus pads
Cutting drills to focus pads during a birthday training event

sparring with a cloak
Sparring with a cloak to distract and ensnare, as described in the literary sources


Sparring with mismatched weapons

To learn more about how Hurstwic came to be, read our story in the Saga of Hurstwic.

Hurstwic Instructors

Hurstwic instructor
Robin Cooper
teaching shield use at an introductory workshop

Hurstwic instructor
William R. Short and Reynir A.
at a video shoot demonstrating Viking fighting moves from the sagas

Hurstwic instructor
Mike Cicale
at sea, furling the sail on a Viking ship

Hurstwic instructor
Matthew Nachtrieb
at the end of a grueling sparring session

Hurstwic instructor
Matthew Marino
with a two-handed axe

Hurstwic instructor
Barbara Wechter
teaching cutting at an introductory workshop

Kristine Krakowski
at archery training

Matt Card
at Galdrasıning á Ströndum in Iceland

John Davis
intent on a focus pad drill

In addition, Hurstwic has an international group of special advisors who help and guide our research.


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