Hurstwic Special Advisors

Hurstwic is honored to have a number of special advisors: experts in various fields of Viking studies who have helped us with our research in the past, who have appeared in our films and training videos, and who have generously shared with us their specialized knowledge.

We are truly grateful to them for their help in the past, and for agreeing to be available to us for future projects and research programs.

Jim Austin

Forged Axes
Forged Axes on Facebook
Viking axes
historical blacksmithing
tools, training, and video tutorials
Peter Beatson Articles on Viking-age topics Viking jewelry
Viking shields
Viking clothing
Borgný Gunnarsdóttir   Viking clothing
Viking shoes
Viking-era fabric arts
Lee Jones VikingSword.com Historical Viking-age weapons
Reynir A.   Viking-age combat
Historical combat
Modern martial arts
Barbara Wechter Wechter Arms on Facebook Training weapons
Þórir Örn Guðmundsson   Gísla saga Súrssonar
Sagas of Icelanders
Icelandic history and culture
Jim Austin

N.B. We list the organizations and businesses of our special advisors as a courtesy, and in no way do we imply any approval by or arrangement with these organizations.


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