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Many of the images on the Hurstwic web site were created by me, which presumably is how you got to this page. I use Digimarc® digital watermarking on my images, both to assert copyright and to track usage. I am usually happy to permit the use of my images in web projects for educational and non-profit organizations, and I would be delighted to discuss their use in commercial projects. Please contact me here.


Technical notes. My favorite camera for both travel and for Hurstwic events is a tiny pocketable Minox 35EL, although I'll use an SLR if necessary. I prefer C-41 negative films for images that will be scanned. I usually use Kodak™ Ektar 100 film (although in the past, I've used Ultra Color 100, Portra™ 160NC, Supra 100, and Ektar 25). Digital scanning is either done using a commercial service (formerly, to a Kodak PhotoCD when they were available), or by me using a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000ED scanner and Hamrick VueScan software. I use both Adobe® Photoshop® and JASC Paint Shop Pro® for image editing.

In 2011, I made the switch to medium format photography, acquiring a Voigtländer Bessa iii camera. I wish I had made the switch to medium format years earlier. The benefits over 35mm photography are stunning. I use Kodak™ Ektar 100 film or the new Portra™ 160 film (which I prefer for travel because it is available in longer 220 rolls). The film is scanned using a a Nikon Super Coolscan 9000ED scanner.

I continue to use film for image acquisition, greatly preferring the look over that of the silicon-based image acquisition used in so-called digital cameras.


I've been using the Talking Dog name and logo for many years for films, recordings, and all sorts of creative efforts.

It started one summer during my undergraduate days. I worked at television station during summers and school holidays. One of the directors at the TV station had a dog who was an exceptionally intelligent animal. The dog could even say "hello" on command. It wasn't clearly enunciated English, but it was clearly "hello".

On returning to school in the fall, I told this story to my friends. They simply did not believe it. To them, it was just a tall tale. Soon, any statement I made that seemed to stretch the truth by even the tiniest amount became "another talking dog story".

Determined to make my case the following summer, I made a sync sound film of the talking dog talking. Apparently, even that wasn't sufficiently convincing. Not only were my tales "talking dog stories" but my movies became "talking dog films".

I decided to use that as the name of my production company. From that point forward, my films were Talking Dog Productions. I created an animated talking dog logo to open my films. And soon, all my other creative efforts were under the Talking Dog corporate umbrella.


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