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Hurstwic's t-shirt is now new and improved. It's still black, heavyweight 100% cotton, with the Hurstwic logo and the legend Viking Combat on the front.

But now, the back shows a Viking shield overlaid with a quote from Grettis saga, in which Grettir says to his brother, Ber er hver ß bakinu nema sÚr brˇ­ur eigi. (Bare is the back of a brotherless man.)

Grettir was near death due to a wound caused by evil magic. He and his brother Illugi were under attack by Ůorbj÷rn ÷ngull and 19 men. Grettir, weakened to the point that he could rise only to his knees, had just been stabbed in the back by Ůorbj÷rn. Grettir reminded his brother of his need for some help with defense using this powerfully understated comment. Illugi threw Grettir his shield for defense and continued to fight against overwhelming numbers.

This phrase appears in other sagas, as well, but its use in Grettis saga was especially meaningful to Hurstwic, since we just shot this scene for our upcoming film, The Final Battle of Grettir the Strong. It reminds us of the need for a brother / friend / partner / group to provide the strength that allows for a common and powerful defense.


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